Pediatric tilt chair
Tilt-in-space Wheelchairs
Provide comfortable and effective positioning for kids
JC wheelchairs help to improve your child’s positioning to help facilitate feeding and respiratory function, reduce pressure, and improve line of sight. Designed specifically for kids, they are simple to use, reliable, and include built-in adjustments to keep up with your child as they grow!
適用對象:腦性麻痺 CP、肌肉萎縮 ALS SMA、罕見疾病
i2i 特殊頭靠
i2i Headrest 特殊頭靠
The unique, integrated shape of the i2i provides a maximal, proximal foundation between the head, neck, and shoulders. The sub occipital along with the integrated low profile occipital components provide posterior support and limit cervical extension while offering resting support.
美國獨家原裝進口 Stealth Products,具專利設計的特殊頭靠,整片式一體成型頭靠。
Headrest additional Accessories
Swing-away rods adjust in angle, rotation, and length. Rods swing out of the way 100° for transfer, therapy and when not needed. Adjustable pads block lateral flexion, rotation, and provide a surface for support. Rods swing back into place without losing their position.
美國獨家原裝進口 Stealth Products,適合安裝於 i2i 特殊頭靠與 Ultra 多向度頭靠系統,配合使用者定位。
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