Headrest additional Accessories

美國獨家原裝進口,適合安裝於 i2i 特殊頭靠與 Ultra 多向度頭靠系統,配合使用者定位。

Swing-away system

Swing-away rods adjust in angle, rotation, and length. Rods swing out of the way 100° for transfer, therapy, and when not needed. Adjustable pads block lateral flexion, rotation, and provide a surface for support. Rods swing back into place without losing their position.

Switches & Facial lateral pads

Egg switches

Stealth’s full selection of switches are supported by lateral rods and swing-aways. Support and switch access can be added and adjusted for the best clinical outcomes.

Facial lateral pads

Facial lateral pads facilitate proper clinical interventions. Adjustable to achieve midline head position, or to block rotation and flexion. Aids in deterring advancement of cervical deformities and muscle foreshortening The longer pads are bendable to fit the contact area.